About CxORE

CxORE was born out of the experiences of Founder and CEO Robert (Bob) Gregoire, a seasoned entrepreneur and executive.  For nearly two decades, Bob has been a ‘go-to’ expert for advice, strategic direction and technical business expertise across Northern California. After creating and then selling a nationwide facility management business, Bob began to consult, helping leaders in small businesses, lone eagles, budding entrepreneurs, and leaders in nonprofits succeed at their mission through business education and support. Through this experience, Bob very quickly realized that most independents, small businesses and nonprofits lacked the resources, tools and support they need to realize their full potential.

CxORE’s purpose is to help its members have their greatest impact.
— Robert Gregoire

In 2018, Bob assembled an all-star team to help him build a company that provides people and organizations the back-office support that would allow them to have maximal impact in alignment with their purpose. The team went to work on developing an integrated business platform to meet the needs of independents, small businesses and nonprofits and built into that platform human support for the CxORE member.  CxORE then soft-launched in April 2019. CxORE’s purpose is to help its members have their greatest impact, and all of its operations are designed to fulfill that purpose.

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Quick Facts

  • Legal Name: CxORE, LLC

  • Headquarters: Davis, CA

  • Address: 328 D Street, Davis, CA 95616

  • Chief Executive: Robert Gregoire

  • LinkedIn, Facebook

  • 1-866-GOCXORE

  • Founded: 2014, Recalibration 2018

  • Purpose: Help our Members have greater impact

  • Services: Integrated Business Platform

  • Focus: Independents, Small Businesses, Nonprofits

  • Sectors: Service Industries

  • Coverage: National